X3 2024 - a day of goddess worshipping adult stars

goddess worshipper Jan 21, 2024
It's Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles. And it's raining. But that doesn't detract from my mix of excitement and nervousness as I make my way to the famous LA Palladium for 2024's X3 Adult Expo. Yeah, baby, yeah! 
As I enter the vast auditorium, the air is buzzing with anticipation. Thousands of people are gathering - performers, producers and fans everywhere. The venue is filled with pounding hip hop beats blasting out of the sound system, setting a strong sexually energised tone that will intensify as the day goes on.
Early stages...Alexis Texas in the foreground...

My eyes widen as I take in the spectacle around me - a sea of people, booths everywhere adorned with enticingly erotic displays, and the unmistakable sexual energy of a community passionate about adult art and entertainment. 

What struck me for a second year running was the sheer number of Black Kings attending X3. So many of the stallholders, producers, photographers and managers are Black Kings - and it really gives me a sense of how they are taking control of the adult business. What was even more erotic was seeing how many of the girls were either being chaperoned by Black managers, producers and photographers - or being approached by and engaged in discussion that took their full attention away from all the less courageous fans.

As a goddess worshipper who has admired these stars from afar, the prospect of meeting them in person is both hugely thrilling and intimidating. Over the course of the day, I got to have some amazing interactions, and I'll do my best to bring those to life for you here.

My first encounter was with none other than the legendary Alexis Texas (whitegirlpoliticking). The moment I laid eyes on her, I knew it was her. She stood at a stall, a vision of thicc, blonde beauty, wearing a short pink dress and white high heels. Her curvaceous figure and blonde beauty are as captivating in person as they are on screen. Nervously, I approached her, and to my delight, she greeted me with a warm smile. We exchanged a few words, and I couldn't help but notice the watchful Black King hovering close by her, wearing a baseball cap with the word "BULL" emblazoned across it. Wow, right?!

Eager to explore more of the expo, I ventured further into the bustling crowd. It wasn't long before I found myself face to face with another legend - Savannah Bond. Tall and immensely striking, with platinum blonde hair and piercing bright blue eyes, she exuded sexual confidence. She was wearing a black one-piece swimsuit with a high thonged back, showing off without a care her big and beautifully formed #whitegirlsevolving ass. It's a sight to behold - and seeing her felt like stepping into a dream. 

Savannah was one of a group of stunning girls at the "Ricky's Room" booth in the center of the arena. This is a proudly Black-owned adult company and the girls were surrounded throughout the day by Black producers and managers. Nevertheless, I managed to engage Savannah in conversation and her charisma was magnetic. I felt like she was looking into my soul with those blue eyes. 

As the day unfolded, I continued to meet other stars and immerse myself in the vibrant hip hop fueled atmosphere. The nervousness I felt at the beginning transformed into a sense of camaraderie with fellow fans and a deep appreciation for the big name personalities that made their way through the arena. 

My nerves were truly dissipated when I got to meet up with my beautiful friend from the UK – Adreena Winters. It had been a while since we last caught up, and the prospect of reconnecting with a friend filled me with joy. Adreena had her own booth - testament to her growing industry recognition as a leader of the Queen of Spades movement, and as I approached our eyes met in a moment of recognition. A warm hug and a cascade of questions about each other's lives followed. We reminisced about the last time we had met for lunch in London - and she was delighted to hear that my blog feature on her was doing so well. I was delighted to hear from Adreena that she is moving deeper into the Queen of Spades lifestyle as a result of her admiration and friendship with Lady Anaconda. 

Me with Adreena...

Just as I was reveling in this news, the day took an unexpected turn. A striking couple caught my attention. The gentleman was Prince Jean, a tall and elegant dark-skin Black man adorned in a dazzling white tuxedo jacket covered in diamonds. He was certainly a center of attention with his strong Caribbean accent. With him, his stunning young white girlfriend, a tall American brunette wearing a short black see-through dress paired with black high heel ankle boots. She could have easily been a catwalk model. Intrigued, I approached them, and to my surprise, they welcomed me with open arms. To say that this couple drew the crowds would be an understatement - and watching the fans staring at Prince Jean's gorgeous girl was incredible! 

As I navigated through the crowd, I returned to the "Ricky's Room" area. my attention was drawn to a desk where a gorgeous blonde was busy signing photos. I instantly recognised her as Angel Youngs. In the flesh, Angel is gorgeous. She was wearing the "Ricky's Room" black one-piece swimsuit that contrasted her pale skin beautifully, with a high thong back that revealed a beautiful and fulsome rear that jiggled as she moved and seemed to have fans mesmerized! 

Suddenly, a wave of anticipation swept through the venue as megastar Angela White made her grand entrance, flanked by bodyguards. The crowd erupted in cheers, their enthusiasm reaching a fever pitch. Angela, a vision in a black Givenchy top and skintight leather leggings, exuded undeniable star power. The way that woman smiles is just dazzling. 

Heading to a desk in the "Brazzers" area, Angela began her autograph session, with hundreds of eager fans who had lined up to meet their idol. I positioned myself to observe, marveling at the genuine connection she established so effortlessly with each person. Angela's interactions were not just about scribbling a signature; they were moments of shared connection, laughter, and genuine appreciation - and the fans were loving it. As Angela signed autographs, the room became a symphony of voices, laughter, and the occasional gasps of awe. It was clear that Angela valued her fans, taking the time to engage with each one individually. Her warm demeanor and down-to-earth attitude created an environment where everyone felt seen and appreciated.

As I strolled past the front stage, my attention was captured by a presence coming towards me. It was none other than Nicole Aniston. She is immensely beautiful in the flesh, with bright blue eyes. She was wearing a black crop top paired with a tiny white skirt that highlighted her sensational gym toned figure. I made sure that our paths crossed. A smile exchanged, and I introduced myself to her. She was gracious and receptive, so I summoned up the courage to tell her that her iconic BLACKED scene in the gym was one of the best examples of adult interracial I'd ever seen. She loved hearing that - and with a brief connection made, we continued on our separate ways.

The energy around me escalated, and my curiosity led me to another notable figure in the crowd – Lexington Steele. Standing tall and impressive, he commanded attention as one of the Daddy's of interracial porn. Dressed in a long black leather jacket that added a touch of Matrix, he moved through the crowd like a legend. Fans greeted him enthusiastically, showering him with admiration.

There was another buzz by the main stage as another superstar entered the forum - Skye Blue.

My big reegret of the day is that I did not get a photo of Skye in her outfit. She was an absolute vision of beauty, tall and statuesque. She looked like she had just stepped off a high-fashion catwalk and she was dressed in an ensemble that could only be described as divine: an immaculate all-white outfit that accentuated her slender figure. A corset hugged her waist, showcasing her beautiful, large, natural breasts, her long legs were encased in silver stockings and long white opera gloves adorned her arms. Skye Blue is like a living work of art. Her radiant supermodel beauty is accentuated by a flawless face, and her bright blue eyes are captivating. I had to wait a LONG time to introduce myself, as Skye was surrounded by fans. But when I finally did, her smile was warm, contrasting with the cool elegance of her white outfit. 

We were getting towards the end of the afternoon and another fanfare heralded the arrival of another superstar of porn: Kendra Sunderland, a true superstar in the industry.

I have met Kendra previously, and I am always struck by how tall and full figured she is. She wore a tight, black, all-in-one suit adorned with bright, multicolored sequins that shimmered under the stage lights. Her entrance reached a crescendo as she took the stage for an interview. Despite her fame and success, she radiates a genuine warmth and humility - almost a kind of goofy vibe that is super attractive. As she spoke, it became evident that behind the glamorous exterior is a very down-to-earth personality.

Kendra shared insights into her life that surprised many. Instead of the glamorous and sexy lifestyle one might expect, she revealed that what she loved most was the simple pleasure of staying home with her three cats. She continued, confessing that her ideal way to unwind was to get high and watch movies - her favourite being Pineapple Express. The audience couldn't help but respond to the unexpected honesty. 

30 minutes later, nervous anticipation gnawed at me as I ascended the stairs to the upper level, each step bringing me closer to the private bar where Kendra Sunderland, the object of my admiration, was meeting fans.

The line snaked its way through the dimly lit corridor, filled with excited whispers. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, I reached the front of the line. There she was, Kendra Sunderland, sitting on a sofa with a can of Liquid Death. The private bar was an intimate setting, and I couldn't help but marvel at the sheer aura she exuded. It was my second time meeting her, but the thrill was just as palpable. She looked up, her eyes meeting mine, and a warm smile graced her lips. My apprehension melted away. "Hi Kendra! It's The Goddess Worshipper. We met before...", I said.

"Hey, you!" she greeted, her voice carrying the same friendliness that I remembered from our previous encounter. I like to think that some recognition flickered in her eyes as she recalled me. "It's great to see you again!" In person, Kendra is super laid back. She's so gorgeous to look at that it's hard not to loose yourself - and of course it's very hard not to just stare at her large, perfectly formed, all natural breasts. The five minutes we spent chatting felt like an eternity and a blink of an eye simultaneously. As our conversation came to an end, she expressed her gratitude for the support of her fans like me. 

Returning downstairs, I heard that my friend (and blog reader) Maitland Ward had arrived at The Palladium. Eager to catch up with her, I made my way to the artists' area, my heart pounding with anticipation. Upon reaching the designated spot, I approached the staff and gave them my name, asking if I could see Maitland. The minutes felt like an eternity as I waited, my excitement building with each passing second. Finally, after what seemed like ages, the staff returned and informed me that I could come in and meet Maitland - but only briefly as she was due on stage.

I stepped into the room, and there she was, Maitland Ward, a tall, radiant redheaded presence in the midst of the creative chaos. She greeted me warmly, her smile lighting up the room and her gorgeous blue eyes shining like stars. It was as if her positive energy permeated the space around her. With only five minutes before she had to go on stage, Maitland graciously engaged in conversation. She asked about my blog, showing genuine interest in my endeavors to promote the lifestyle. Maitland's charm goes beyond her physical appearance; it's in the way she carries herself and the kindness she radiates. 

Regrettably, time was up, and Maitland had to get ready for her stage appearance. From nowhere, a vision of sexy-ness appeared next to her - a stunning young girl in a revealing purple dress and knee high black boots. "Hi!" I stammered. "Hey there! I'm Sky Bri," she exclaimed with a warm smile, extending her hand towards me. My eyes widened as I realized I was standing face to face with the famous TikTok star turned porn star. I was star-struck, to say the least - again struggling not to stare at her large breasts which were barely concealed by her dress. 

As we chatted, Maitland leaned in. "We gotta go. We're the prizes in the competition for fans to win a date with their idols." The excitement surged through me. I couldn't believe I was not only talking to Maitland Ward but also sharing a moment with the TikTok sensation Sky Bri. The thought of being part of a competition for fans to win a date with them was mind blowing. How did I enter?!

Maitland and Sky bid me farewell, leaving me with a sense of gratitude for the brief but enchanting encounter. As I left the room, I couldn't believe my luck even getting a few minutes with these goddesses. 

I made my way to the stage, the crowd cheering as the "Win A Date" competition began, with a handful of superfans pulled up on stage for a chance to win a date with their adult industry idols. It was certainly a riotous competition, with the poor guys challenged to express their love of their idols through the medium of twerking! I couldn't help but steal glances at Sky and Maitland, as they got into the spirit of it and laughed their heads off! 

My last meeting of the day was with a young lady I had not known before yesterday - Tina Snows - a stunning and statuesque blonde whom I first caught sight of as I was about to leave, chatting with another girl...

It turns out is from Ireland in the UK. I introduced myself and we instantly hit it off, I got a great selfie with her - and learned that her dream co-star is...Jax Slayher! 

My final photo from a mind-blowing day...

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