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venus Mar 28, 2024

I am seated in my home office, listening to conversation emanating from the living room between my wife and her lover. Their voices a gentle murmur punctuated occasionally by soft laughter. Suddenly the conversation ceases.
After a long silence, I distinctly here the sound of them kissing with passion.

About twenty minutes later, I hear the sound of footsteps climbing the stairs to the master bedroom. I visualize in my mind the adulterous couple holding hands as they head to our marital bed, however, I am startled when my beautiful bride steps suddenly into the office – completely naked, her body covered with a soft sheen of perspiration, a look of lust and determination aimed at me.

She crosses the desk to stand before me and then pushes my letterbox aside making room for her to sit on the edge of my desk. She raises and spreads her legs wide. Her pussy is already gaping, and I see flecks of white on her engorged labia. I now think she is going to invite Cedric to fuck her here on my desk as I sit and watch.
But no, she grabs me by the top of my hair and orders me to lick her pussy.
I stutter, “Did he already fuck you?” “Yes.”
“Did he cumm inside you?” “Not yet, but he will.”.

Before I comply, I kiss her on the mouth. I immediately notice the now familiar, heady taste of Cedric’s manhood on her lips and tongue. Then, I drop to my knees to savor the flavor of his cock mixed with her arousal.

After pushing my face away, she rises and tells me to wait in the office until Cedric calls me for dessert. She turns and she climbs the stairs to meet the lover waiting for her in our marital bed.

I am again surrounded by silence and the many thoughts and images racing in my head. I strain to hear any sound that might escape our bedroom. My focus is at a deliriously heightened state, my chest burns and the knot in my stomach rolls with nervousness.

A feminine giggle, a lustful kiss. Each sound reaching me sends my mind reeling with cuckold angst and joy, causing the adrenalin to flow, my heart to pound, and my modest penis to pulse.

My eyes dart out the door of the office as I finally hear that unforgettable sound, the rhythmic pounding on our bed. The noise of it causes my face to flush with humiliation and arousal both. My blood runs hot, coursing through my body with erotic torment.

A chill runs down my spine as the first, deep, female moan escapes my Queen’s lips. It is a haunting, harrowing sound, and most of all, impossibly sexy. It causes my mouth to run dry and I try to clear the lump in my throat.
Another cry of pleasure, louder this time, her sweet, sexy voice, squeals in delight “Oh oui, oui, oui”.

Another noise soon joins the chorus. I can hear it clearly, the erotic sound of two naked bodies slapping together, burning with desire as Cedric fucks my wife harder, wider, deeper, and longer than I am capable of. Her moans become needful, urgent with every powerful collision. My penis throbs and my head spins as his massive cock drives her to several, desperately needed, extra-marital orgasms.

My Daniella’s moaning now reaches a fever pitch, the erotic sounds of their two naked bodies smacking together in lust, the bed creaking wildly as the adulterous act occurs just meters away from me. My stomach is still in knots, my penis as hard as it ever has been as I listen to another man fuck my wife!
"Oh- oh-oh, oui!" I freeze as I hear her voice cry out in sexual ecstasy. With Cedric, she experiences sexual satisfaction in a way that I am not physically equipped to give her – neither size, strength, nor stamina.

Their combined cries of pleasure echo from within the bedroom. Each of their moans is a gut punch that somehow causes my penis to stiffen and bob to their rhythmic fucking.

As the pounding reaches a crescendo, I hear Cedric roar as he empties his seed deep in my wife’s fertile womb. Condoms are no longer used between them. They left them unused on their third date together and she has not mentioned them since.

I think back to our first encounter with Cedric. We met over drinks as we often did when “interviewing” a potential, new bull. She unnecessarily reminded me in the car on the way there that this was only to talk. Nothing that night would happen.

Expectations well-managed, I was stunned when she accepted his invitation back to his home for another round of drinks.

Not an hour later, I witnessed the two of them making out on the sofa. Clothes were quickly shed and the party was moved to his bedroom. This was a first – fucking a bull during her first date. The sexual chemistry between them was impossible to miss.

My thoughts returning to the present, I hear Cedric grunt, two, three, four times with each rope of virile semen he fires point- blank against my wife’s cervix.

They finished quickly, far quicker than usual. Perhaps, due to the sexy, sweltering August heat and humidity.

It’s been only thirty minutes from the time she left my office when I hear Cedric’s voice booming, “James, tu viens? Vas-y!” “James, are you coming? Get in here now!”

I quickly race out of my office and stumble up the stairs to my sweet, cuckold desert that awaits. Stepping up to the doorway, my mouth dry, heartbeat now racing at an incredible pace, I peer inside.

My wife lays in bed, her legs splayed as a river of her lover’s semen escapes her ravaged cunt. Cedric crosses before me, heading to the shower, pausing only briefly to tell me, “Bon appetit, cuckold!”

I join my wife on the bed, and she directs me to take the submissive position, laying on my back. She straddles my body, kisses me deeply, and tells me, “Mange, mon amour.” “Clean me, my love,” as she moves her cumm-filled cunt above my face and slowly lowers herself.

Her pussy reeks of sex as I cover her cumm-coated lips with kisses and gently dip my tongue inside her gapping pussy slit, causing her to moan.

She then lowers further, planting my face hard against her cunt. I push my tongue as deep inside as I can to feast on Cedric’s thick, rich, sweet load. The taste and texture are truly ambrosia. I can’t swallow enough, so I beg her to push. Daniella grabs my hair and grinds her pussy on my face as she forcefully pushes his semen out and down my throat. I can feel her own ejaculate as well as she squirts from the effort and excitement of feeding me her lover’s cumm.
I allow their combined juices to wallow in my mouth before swallowing and going back for more. “Be gentle”, Daniella directs. “I’m sensitive after being fucked so well. Do you want more?”
I nod happily, knowing she has led me to Nirvana.

About the author

Zen Cuckold is 56, and from California.  His beautiful, Brazilian wife is 45.  They have been happily married for 23 years and an active cuckold/hotwife couple since before they married.  Zen discovered his interest in cuckolding as a teenager reading “Penthouse Letters” long before the internet.  He offered to open their relationship to cuckolding as way to accommodate her strong sexual needs and her “active past” against his physical “shortcomings”.  His wife’s preference is for a long-term relationship with a strong, capable, well-endowed lover although the occasional spontaneous hook-up has been known to occur while on vacation ; ) They live in Europe with their two daughters.

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