Goddess worshipping: Emily S

goddess worshipper Oct 13, 2023

Australian goddess Emily is a statuesque, 5 foot 8 blonde model, influencer and activist who dates Black Kings, including her fair share of celebrities! 

With an incredible 32DD - 24 - 36 figure and what I can only define as the ultimate "white girls evolving" rear complete with strategically placed tattoo, Emily is the kind that makes you want to bow down and worship from afar in a state of besotted denial!

But Miss Sears is not just a beautiful face and body. She's also a social media queen with a huge following of fans. She's known for her bold, intelligent and outspoken postings that make her an iconic inspiration to young female fans...on everything from race and ethnicity, white privilege and feminism, and most especially...interracial dating...

Emily keeps her private life private, but she has been rumoured to have dated various different high profile Black guys. She's appeared in numerous hip hop videos and she's one of the stable of muses of legendary Black British glamour king Gavin Glave...

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