Goddess Worshipper - reflections on the lifestyle and a thank you to Venus

goddess worshipper May 10, 2024

As I spend time lovingly updating my blogs, I’m reminded of just how far this lifestyle has come since I first got into it over twenty years ago when I moved to London and I was confronted by the realities of Black Kings and white goddesses interacting in a big city.

Those who have read my origin story about Jo will be familiar with how I gradually evolved from being an insecure, triggered and jealous little white boy - into your now friendly neighbourhoood Cuck Champion Goddess Worshipper!

There’s still some way to go, but the lifestyle has moved from the periphery to the cultural mainstream, with its concepts, sentiments and language becoming part of our popular daily discourse.

Over the course of nearly 10 years of blogging, I’ve tried to show that this lifestyle offers something fun and exciting for everyone. It offers a path towards the light for culturally down-graded, side-lined and inadequate whitebois to discover and embrace the triggering thrills of the cuck lifestyle.

For Bulls and Kings, it offers the freedom to manifest their innate virility, sexual superiority and power that the culture previously repressed for so long through fear - and enjoy some of the most gorgeous white women on the planet in a way that their disrespected forebears were denied.

And for goddesses, it offers the freedom to embrace and enjoy their divine feminine ideal whilst enjoying as much superior sex from potent Black Kings and wide-eyed adoration from cucks and worshippers as they can handle! 

Crucial to this, for me, has been to encourage women to embrace their immense ability to tease and their power to deny - and to get pleasure from it. I'm starting to see that flourish now in a way that was not prevalent when I started out and it's a joy to behold. But we still have some way to go until it becomes the universal cultural norm for women of all ages to embrace their goddess power and use this lifestyle as a way to tease and tantalize whilst enjoying every second of it. 


I am so grateful to brave goddesses like Venus, who have pioneered the way for what has become a cultural movement - when it was not always easy - and I appreciate her generosity in giving me a platform. 

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