Goddess Worshipper - meeting Adreena Cuckoldress for the first time

goddess worshipper Jan 07, 2024

As I make my way to the upmarket restaurant that I have booked in St. Paul’s, in the City of London, I have major butterflies in my stomach. 

It’s a sunny day, and I’m on my way to meet a beautiful Black Only goddess whom I’ve worshipped from afar for a long time – and who, in the last couple of years, has really evolved into one of the leading pin-ups of this exploding lifestyle.   

Her name is Adreena Winters. And today, I am taking her to lunch. 

 As I approach the restaurant, I recognise Adreena immediately as she waits outside. Even from a distance, she is standout. London is in the middle of a sun-baked heatwave, and Adreena is wearing a white vest top, tight little workout pants and big Nike Air Jordans. 

As I approach and say hi, Adreena greets me with a disarming smile. Oh my god. She’s absolutely beautiful! 

Her body is in exceptional shape. She’s toned, but so shapely - with tanned legs – and full, shapely, “#whitegirlevolving” hips and the tightest “booty-like” rear that looks like it’s been honed over many hours in the gym to the pumping rhythms of hip hop. Her gorgeous body is adorned with strategically placed and highly erotic tattoos. 

We say hi – and Adreena gives me a big hug. She’s got the most incredible piercing eyes that shine and long rich brown tresses. She’s at ease and radiates divine female energy. 

I glance down to see the large “QoS” logo proudly emblazoned in big letters on her workout pants - and my heart misses a beat. This is the middle of the day in the middle of London – and there’s no way anyone’s missing that logo! What a boss! 

My mind races as I fight to regain my composure. I’m here to conduct an interview and I must do what I can to maintain my world-renowned professionalism. 

 As a gentleman cuck, I invite Adreena to lead the way into the restaurant. Dare I look down at that hypnotizing rear…as it sways hypnotically before my very eyes…? Oh lord, those legs… 

We are seated, thankfully, in a quiet corner of the restaurant. I have questions to ask Adreena that might make the clientele of young female office workers blush. 

Adreena is relaxed and smiles easily. She seems gently amused by the fluster I’m struggling to hide, a dynamic which continues throughout our lunch together. I feel like a hard crushing schoolboy in front of a glamorous pin up. 

“You can call me Ad,” she says, fixing me with those piercing eyes like a pinned insect. She’s not letting me look away. I hope with all my heart that she’s enjoying this. I long to give her enjoyment. 

We begin with pleasantries and I start to relax. Ad is just a pleasure to look upon. In person, she’s gorgeous. She has a blend of confidence and openness which comes from being utterly authentic. It’s clear she has nothing to hide and nothing to prove.  

She is also intelligent, down to earth and fun. She smiles easily. She puts me at ease. Can she tell just how much I want to gaze adoringly at her?  

Ad is in London to attend a private adult industry party. She’s enjoying an easy day in London before she has to return to her hotel and get all dressed up for the evening’s entertainment. She’s looking forward to catching up with the other adult performers that she’s friends with. She’s also purchased an expensive couture latex outfit that she informs me is going to take a while to slide into! 

I am quick to compliment her on the prominent Queen of Spades tattoo that adorns her wrist. It’s unmissable. She’s proud of it and we both agree that we’ll be seeing the symbol going a lot more mainstream in the coming years. She makes no effort to hide it as waiters and waitresses attend to us – and the whole effect is tremendously electric. 

I want to get an understanding of how the Adreena Winters we all know and love came to be. And that requires me to ask Ad about her formative years. 

She takes me back to how she grew up in a rural part of the UK. There was only one Black family in her whole school. There was no one Black in her school year. 

What quickly becomes clear is that Ad was “different”. From early teenage years, she developed a strong sexuality that set her apart from other girls. She enjoyed sex, felt zero shame about it, and found most of the local white boys that she dated to be desperately inadequate and incapable of satisfying her. She moved through them quickly. 

By late teenage years, Ad was skipping out and away from home and travelling to attend clubs and private parties on the UK swinger and fetish scene. She enjoyed the liberated atmosphere, loved the fetish fashions and the ability to dress up and be admired for the exceptional looks and body that she’d been blessed with. She was a highly desired and sought after young woman on the scene and soon built a small army of fans. 

However, due to the conventions of her upbringing and the vanilla circles she socialised in away from the fetish scene, she still continued to date white boys. But Ad says she was always left feeling deeply unfulfilled. Sex was always disappointing and one sided and boyfriends were always threatened by her independence and insatiable love of sex. 

As soon as she could, Ad escaped to the big city. She had already been approached to get into the modelling world. She started modelling fetish fashions – but her talent and attributes were quickly picked up by other photographers who lured her into the wider world of glamour and erotic modelling. 

Ad vividly remembers a prominent Black glamour photographer that she used to shoot with – who was the crush of all the young glamour girls on the circuit, some of them now big names in their own right. She vividly recalls how while she would pose for his camera, listening to his deep voice, her pussy would become so wet. The other girls who came through his stable would joke about how this was a common thing - he had the same effect on them.   

Feeling confident and empowered, Ad had few hang-ups, when the opportunity came, about graduating into the world of porn. 

Her early shoots were pedestrian, easy to do and mostly unfulfilling. She is quick to point out that these shoots were all with white boy performers who had absolutely no clue what they were doing. 

It was at this point that Ad was asked to work with a Black male performer. This was a game changer. The experience was in a different league – it went on three times longer and was fifty times more intense. From that experience onwards, Ad knew that this would offer a different level of content for fans – and that she only wanted to work with Black men. 


In Las Vegas, Ad got her QOS tattoo, which she sites as a big turning point for her psychologically. Since then, she has been officially and openly “Black Only”. 

Ad says this was the best decision she ever made – allowing her to have the kind of sex on camera that she wanted to - rather than what she was told to do (usually by white men). 

Since then, she has travelled the world and been paid to hook up with some of “the most beautiful Black guys around the world” - including Jason Luv, Rob Piper, Louis Smalls, and Richard Mann to name a few. I mention that I have interviewed Richard Mann and that I’m a huge fan.  

Outside of the adult world, Ad only dates Black men who are confident enough to handle her chosen career path. She’s used to using dating apps and sites like fabswingers to find high quality Black guys to hook up with. She’s also been a regular, together with a growing squad of female friends, at The BMFC (The Black Mans’ Fan Club) – a British event tailored for white women who want to meet Black men.  

Over coffee, I ask Ad about the BLACK NEW WORLD ORDER. She tells me that she sees it materializing more and more each day, both from the perspective of the privilege of white men being overturned by the explosion in the union of white women with Black men – and from the fact of Black male genetic and sexual superiority becoming more and more mainstream. 


When I ask Ad who she admirers, she is quick to site Lady Anaconda as a major inspiration who is bringing the lifestyle into the mainstream.  

"I have so much respect for Lady Anaconda. I have always admired her completely unapologetic dedication to being a Queen Of Spades and promotion of the BNWO." 

As our lunch draws to a close and I get the bill, Ad tells me: “I’m so glad I went Black Only. It hasn’t been easy. I have lost fans over it. But I have gained many more that I value so much more! I love all the messages I receive regularly, especially from women saying I gave them the courage to take the jump too!” 

As we leave the restaurant, it’s clear to me that Ad is determined to continue with her Black Only lifestyle and be very loud and very proud about it. 

She gives me a big hug and then heads off to get ready for the evening’s adult industry party. As I watch her go, admiring that incredible body as it disappears into the crowd, I am left contemplating: “How can I ask her to marry me?” 


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