Goddess Worshipper - In The House!

goddess worshipper Sep 09, 2023

Hello my friends and fellow worshippers at the Temple of Venus!

This is Goddess Worshipper here - and Queen Venus has graciously taken me under her employment in order to manage the new, official, Venus Cuckoldress Blog.

Many of you already know me. I am an intelligent - and, some have said, handsome - single white guy exploring my kinks in our fast evolving world, both online and in real life.

Since 2015, I've run the Goddess Worshipping Blog - where I regularly posted my thoughts and experiences of the lifestyle, with a focus on interracial, cuckolding, goddess worshipping, glamour, voyeurism, tease and denial.

The aim was to create a positive blog aimed at empowering women and exploring the glamour and eroticism of this electric and endlessly fascinating lifestyle.

Over 8 years, I built up a huge number of followers in the hundreds of thousands - and I was lucky enough to meet and interview many icons of the lifestyle - including Maitland Ward, Kendra Sunderland, Angela White, Adreena Winters and, most importantly, Venus herself.

My site gave me the profile and platform to meet Pagan, one of the most eminent Black Bulls in the lifestyle, whom I now have the honor of calling my Master, Mentor and Pharoah - and Venus, who is now my beautiful Boss. 

As my friends and readers will know, I was recently de-platformed. Thankfully, I am blessed with friends in high places. Venus came to the rescue and offered me the opportunity to work for her running her personal blog. And now, here I am - and here we are!

I look forward to continuing my work, under Venus's leadership, promoting the glamour, beauty, aspiration and sexiness of the interracial cuckolding lifestyle that is sweeping our society and making the world a sexier place! 

Twitter: @wokewhtknight

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