Goddess Worshipper - a short story: Jamaican farewell

goddess worshipper Jul 05, 2024

The soft, warm glow of the Jamaican morning filtered through the curtains, casting a golden hue across the room where Jen sat on the edge of the bed. She watched Adio, his dark skin illuminated by the early sunlight streaming through the window. His long dreadlocks cascaded over his shoulders, framing his face as he sat opposite her, their eyes locked in a moment of quiet connection.

They had met a week ago at a beachside bar, drawn to each other by a shared smile and a serendipitous encounter. Jen, with her blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, had been captivated by Adio's easy charm and the warmth of his Jamaican accent. Their days had been filled with laughter, exploring the island's hidden treasures, and nights spent making love under the stars.

Now, as their vacation neared its end, Jen felt a pang of sadness knowing she would soon have to return to her life in America. Her divorce, though liberating in many ways, had left her feeling adrift and uncertain about her future. Yet, in the company of Adio, she had found solace and a sense of belonging she hadn't felt in a long time. He had reawakened her feminine energies.

"You're quiet this morning," Adio remarked, breaking the comfortable silence between them. His voice was deep, smooth and soothing, a melody that matched the rhythm of the waves they had fallen asleep to each night.

Jen smiled softly, her gaze lingering on Adio's face. "Just trying to soak in every moment," she replied, her voice carrying a hint of wistfulness. "I don't want this week to end."

Adio reached across the space between them, taking Jen's hand in his. His touch was warm and reassuring, a silent promise of the memories they had created together. "Neither do I," he confessed, his eyes reflecting the same mixture of longing and resignation. "But I understand."

They sat there for a while longer, lost in each other's presence, their fingers intertwined as they tried to imprint the moment into their memories. Outside, the sounds of the ocean provided a soothing backdrop, a reminder of the transient nature of their time together.

"I'm grateful, Adio," Jen finally spoke, her voice filled with sincerity. "You've helped me forget about everything back home with Michael. Even if it was just for a little while."

Adio squeezed her hand gently, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "You brought light into my life too, Jen," he murmured. "I will cherish these days always."

As the day unfolded, they savored their remaining hours together, making love first passionately - and then lazily. When evening approached, they found themselves watching the sun set over the horizon in a blaze of oranges and purples.

Goddess Worshipper - a short story: Jamaican farewell

Jul 05, 2024

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