A short story: reflections in the swimming pool

goddess worshipper Sep 24, 2023

Samantha had always been an incredibly striking girl. Her vibrant red hair flows like a cascade of flames, framing a beautiful face adorned with a smattering of delicate freckles.

Yet, her most captivating feature is undoubtedly her bright, azure eyes that seem to hold dreams of life beyond any mere boy's imagination. On this sunny day, as she drifts in the crystalline waters of a luxurious swimming pool, those eyes are deep in thought.

It has been just a month since Sam's life had taken an unexpected turn. She had broken up with her long-term boyfriend, a relationship that had begun to feel more like a comfortable friendship than a passionate love affair. The decision had been difficult, but she couldn't deny the nagging feeling that she needed a change to rediscover herself.

One evening, Sam's friend Emily had invited her on a night out to live it up a little and move on from the break up. After bar hopping, they made it to the local nightclub.

The vibrant energy of the place was intoxicating. The powerful r' n' b beats reverberated through her body, freeing her from the shackles of her recent days. Sam found herself dancing with willing abandon, her beautiful red hair swaying in rhythm to the music, drawing so many admiring looks.

As the night wore on, the stage show begun. And for the first time, Sam caught sight of the charismatic Black man on the stage.

His skin was a beautiful shade of deep, dark ebony, and his swagger as he walked on stage was palpable. The rapper's lyrics flowed like poetry, and his charisma was magnetic. Sam felt herself drawn to the stage in awe.

As the show ended, Sam's heart raced as she was approached by a towering security guard. "M'am - would you like to come backstage? Someone would like to meet you."

Backstage, the tall rapper extended his hand, his voice deep and captivating. "Hi. My real name is Malik," he said.

Sam introduced herself with a nervous smile, her heart pounding like the bassline of the music they had just shared. They talked for hours, lost in the instant deep connection they felt with each other. It was a whirlwind night, filled with a chemistry Sam had never known.

When the dawn's light broke through the night, Malik asked for Sam's number. She hesitated for a moment, torn between the past and this thrilling new connection. She knew she had to take a chance and gave him her digits.

A month later, Sam finds herself basking in the warm embrace of the California sun, her thoughts a world away from the heartache of her previous relationship. She is drifting in a swimming pool, one that belongs to Malik's sprawling mansion.

As she glides through the glistening water, Sam can't help but marvel at how her life has changed. She had taken a leap of faith, and it had led her to this moment of sun-kissed bliss.

Malik's confidence had drawn her in and quickly captured her heart. Their connection had deepened over the past month, and she felt like she was discovering a new side of herself in the company of this powerful man.

Malik emerges from the mansion, his muscular, dark, tattooed body highlighting his gold chains, a smile lighting up his face as he joins Sam by the pool. He looks at her with those captivating eternal African eyes and says, "You look good here in my pool!"

Sam smiles back at him, her red hair catching the sunlight as she leans up to kiss him. The past was behind her, and the future holds endless possibilities. In this moment, at the poolside of a famous rapper's mansion, Sam knows she is exactly where she is meant to be.

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