Goddess Worshipper - a post from a friend in the UK

goddess worshipper May 18, 2024

This post comes from a British reader and fan of the blog that shares my appreciation of goddesses and has enjoyed seeing how their attraction to Black Kings has become the norm.

He says:

I spent a few years working as a bouncer in clubs in the North of England and London and since I stopped working have spent many more hours in clubs and bars around the UK.

In that time I have enjoyed seeing how the occurrence of Black men with white women is no longer a rarity.

Over the years I have seen girls in my own personal life that I had a crush on choose to date Black men, sometimes exclusively. While in clubs I have often enjoyed watching a gorgeous young goddess walk into the establishments and, despite usually having a clientele that was mostly white, these Goddesses would so often end up leaving with one of the Black men. A fact that was so statistically rare that one could only assume that they have a definite preference for darker skinned men.

As one girl I had a huge crush on once told me….., “Black men are more muscular, better in bed, have bigger dicks and are superior physically. And white men, they just know it!” 

As white men have increasingly become accustomed to watching the hottest girls choose to date Black men or just leave a club or bar with them for a bit of fun, I have noticed that there are some definite camps that these white men fall into.

Firstly, there are the spectators. This is by far the most numerous of the groups. They will see a gorgeous girl in a club but they instinctively know that she is not for them. So they won’t bother or annoy her, they will instead just admire from a distance. This can allow them to store up memories of her that they can use later when they are alone to wank off to.

I have been in this group many times. A favourite memory is from a time on a night out in a Northern University town with friends. A white town with some Black students and locals but about 95% white. There was a group of girls that may have been local or students at the nearby university. While all were attractive, one in particular stood out from the crowd. Blonde haired and slim, she wore white tight trousers that showed off her long athletic legs and firm round ass. A low cut yellow top emphasised her firm round youthful breasts. Her hair and makeup were perfect and she was simply beautiful to look at with a gorgeous sparkling smile.

I saw her in one bar and was fortunate enough that our groups seemed to be heading in the same direction because she cropped up with her friends again in a couple of places and then I was delighted to see her on the dancefloor at the final venue, a club that had a ground floor with a dance floor and an upstairs drinking and bar area.

She was dancing and looking like she was having fun but very much with her friends who made no attempt to interact with the white boys around them. At one point I remember seeing a young early 20s Black man enter the club. I wasn’t far from the door and saw him come in with some white friends then they headed upstairs. He stood out because it was such a white crowd, male and female, but I thought nothing of it.

Shortly after I went upstairs to the toilets and was stunned but excited to see the Black guy from earlier talking with the gorgeous blonde. Leaving the toilets I stood and watched for a minute, and it seemed that so many guys around were casting glances over at them. They weren’t openly staring and nobody looked annoyed or angry, the glance were respectful but lingering. We were spectators, watching a goddess being seduced before our very eyes and were privileged to be in the audience.

Maybe they were strangers or perhaps had met at university and exchanged numbers so he had known she had been there. There wasn’t the intimacy of a couple and I am convinced that this was the first time they had found themselves like this. Gradually the body language changed from awkwardness or nervousness to two people that are clearly extremely attracted to one another. The eye contact, the smiles. The touches. His hand lingering on her side touching her.

I couldn’t stay forever and had to return to my friends downstairs but kept half an eye on the stairs and was rewarded not long after by the Black man and the gorgeous blonde coming down the stairs together, him leading to guide her by the hand.

After they left I casually wandered out to the smoking area outside the front of the club in time to see them walk down the street then step into the first cab at the taxi rank, heading off to enjoy the first night of fun together. Hopefully, the first of many.

Goddess Worshipper - a post from a friend in the UK

May 18, 2024

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