From 2023: My X3 Adult Industry Experience

goddess worshipper Oct 29, 2023

I have just returned from my latest adventure - the X3 Expo - where I was lucky enough to meet some of the goddesses of adult art that I have been worshipping for a very long time! 

First, I have to say that I came away with was a strong sense of how many Black Kings are getting into the adult business now - which is truly amazing to see. 

So many of the stallholders and producers were Black Kings, and I was particularly struck by how many of the girls were chaperoned by these alphas who are moving into the business and taking it into a whole new era, much like what has happened in the music biz. 

Probably the highlight of the trip for me was meeting one of my icons - the incredible Maitland Ward. 

Maitland is absolutely stunning in the flesh - a tall, statuesque beauty with dazzling blue eyes that shine out of her, who exudes natural warmth and charisma in equal measure. 


I introduced myself to Maitland. She recognised my name instantly and said "Oh I love your blog!" I couldn't quite believe my ears, so I asked her if she really was a reader or if she was just being kind. 


She replied that she absolutely is genuinely a fan and had found the blog via my Twitter page and my regular comments of support on her posts. Goddess worship pays dividends! 

We spoke for 15 minutes. I told her that she had revolutionised the world of adult art, particularly interracial, and that I loved her scenes for BLACKED, which were ground-breaking and showcase her fantastic acting. She seemed genuinely thrilled, which I loved. 

Standing with her watching her take to the stage to be interviewed was truly a proud moment... 


I was also lucky enough to meet Angela White!


Angela is an absolute phenomenon. Meeting her for real for the first time, I can easily understand why she is the most successful adult star in the business. She truly loves what she does... 

She is lively, funny, intelligent and greets every fan with a big smile and a warmth that feels totally natural. 

Watching her pose for selfies with her adoring fans was truly an experience: as her magnificent, translucent 32G breasts strain to be free from her tight top, there is literally nowhere else to look! 

Kendra Sunderland is taller than I expected, although she was wearing killer heels. I'd put her at around 5 foot 10. She was there with her best friend Kenzie Anne, who I have met before... 


Kendra's body is curvy, her skin is soft and flawless, her legs are killer and her beautiful breasts looked so fabulous, hanging loose under her silk top. 

Kendra's vibe is a little more laidback, but she did laugh when I told her how obsessed I am with her Jamaica flag heart tattoo on her back, which she actually showed me and allowed me to touch! I told her "You have made me one very happy whiteboi!" and she laughed. 

Next year, let's see if I can get more of these lovely readers following my work! 

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