Cuckolding is love

venus Mar 28, 2024

This article was originally posted in the August 2021 edition of ASN Lifestyle Magazine.

Cuckolding relationships are next-level love, trust, and connection. To some people that may seem like a bold statement...maybe even unbelievable, but take my word on this - truly magical shit happens within a loving cuckolding relationship. Once I experienced exactly that, I made it my mission to share this incredibly beautiful relationship dynamic with the world - especially with women.

It all started 6 years ago. Through a dating app I met a guy who told me he would be happiest if he was monogamous to me and I was not to him - basically a one sided open relationship. He celebrated the sexual side of me (which before him was rarely celebrated without judgment or  jealousy) and he absolutely loved me for it. This was absolutely astounding to me! This kind of relationship seemed to fit exactly who I was and that felt like a huge relief to find something so right and yet up until then I didn’t even know it existed. I wondered how many other women would benefit from learning about this kind of relationship.

I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Sure it was so very hot to talk about cuckolding fantasies together, and so fun to tease him by sending him photos and videos of me with other men, but the first time I had him listen on the phone… that’s when it all changed. 

I happened to find an experienced bull and arranged a hotel night where I would have the phone near me and my boyfriend listen. It wasn’t my first time meeting someone new so that didn’t make me nervous, but I have to admit...having him listen was new and did give me butterflies. This part was new and exciting for me. 

In my mind I thought the night would go predictably - hot, fun, and memorable - but it was entirely something else. It was a mind-blowing, life changing event.

There really is something magical that happens when you involve someone you love in a situation like that. I held the phone close when I dropped to my knees and worshipped that big black dick in front of me. He heard everything, every gasp I made, every word I whispered, and I could just imagine what was going through his mind. It was thrilling. It was intense. He loved me so much for being in that position, for including him in that way, for making him feel that way...the way only a cuck would feel. It was the ultimate expression of love, emotional intimacy and trust - next level shit. And afterwards we enjoyed a kind of euphoric high that lasted for was something I will never ever forget and it’s the reason why I could never go back to any other kind of relationship. 

It’s that emotional dance between both of you that makes cuckolding so wonderful. It’s not role play, it’s not hotwifing, it’s not BDSM, it’s deep mind-bending hot-as-fuck cuckolding love and it only works in a loving relationship. Sure it’s fun to be able to fuck other guys and still have a loving committed partner to come home to, someone who wants to stay faithful to you because their passion is seeing you happy and sexually fulfilled, but it’s the confidence and sexual empowerment naturally gifted to her which is life changing and is everything so many women want, need, and deserve. 

Trust her. Love her. Give her the gift of sexual exploration. Celebrate the allure of her unrestrained sexuality. Witness her transformation and relish in her new-found sexual prowess. It’s about her. And in return of that gift there will be no limit to her love and gratitude for you. Let her sit in the driver’s seat and take the wheel. This journey is yours together. Enjoy the ride.

Venus Cuckoldress

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