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goddess worshipper Oct 13, 2023

I've just got home from another Saturday night out in London and boy do I have a great sighting for you!

But this one has got a bit of history to it - so I'm going to start at the beginning, which takes us back to last summer, when I was invited along to a new talent casting call for my good friend J's modelling agency.

This was held at the Mermaid Theatre in East London on a sunny Saturday in July and I guess there must have been about one hundred girls show up.

Castings for new talent are pretty straightforward - the agents can tell immediately which girls will get work - but they'll ask all the girls to do a couple of walks across the stage to get an idea of who's got what it takes to model and who hasn't.

Obviously I love getting invited along to these castings as you get to sit and watch these beautiful girls strut their stuff - not a bad way to spend an afternoon for a Goddess Worshipper!

There were several girls who caught my eye - one of which was called Ana and she was a Danish girl who had only just moved to London.

Ana caught my eye immediately due to her height and incredible looks. I would guess Ana is around 5 foot 11 or even 6 ft in bare feet - one tall Nordic goddess! She had long, flowing, light blonde hair and big blue eyes.

Apart from an extraordinarily beautiful face - Ana had the most incredible body! She turned up to the theatre wearing a tight-fitting black crop-top, a very short pleated white silk mini-skirt, and black high heels. I guessed she must have been European - something about the particular daring style of her dress suggested it - but she looked incredible and I really got turned on by the realisation that this tall, blonde goddess must have travelled across London to get to the casting dressed in such an incredibly sexy way! (I'll confess I did wonder how many Black Kings might have caught a glimpse of her on her journey!)

Ana had the most amazing long legs - toned and tanned - and while she was a tall and slender girl - her silky-smooth thighs had that very slight thickness to them which just looks so incredibly sexy - especially with her long legs stretched out in those high heels. This was one goddess you just couldn't take your eyes off!

I pointed her out to my friend J - and needless to say he had marked Ana out already. Before the castings start its usual for J to go and speak to the girls that he thinks have potential - so I got to join him as he went to speak to Ana.

Ana had a very thick Danish accent - a little tricky to understand - and after we introdued ourselves she told us that she had only been living in London for a month and that she was 19 years old. She had done some modelling at home in Denmark and she was keen to get into modelling in the UK. J asked Ana some more necessary questions while I just quietly drunk in the sight of the blonde amazon stood before me with the amazing long smooth legs. She was making a big impression on me!

The casting was a delight to watch - as each girl was asked to parade across the stage while J and the other agents made notes and I just sat there delightedly drinking in the whole sight. It was a real pleasure to study Ana as she moved across the stage in those high heels and that tiny little white skirt - her long legs just to toned and beautiful as she moved like a supermodel but with just enough wiggle.

After the casting I went for a drink with J to talk through the afternoon and he seemed very positive about Ana's chances of getting modelling work in London.

For those of you who have stuck with me this long, the rest of this little true story took place on Saturday. I was out with some friends in a very well-known and smart bar in the centre of London when my eye was caught by a very tall blonde girl walking through the bar. I could only see the girl from behind - so all I knew at this stage was that she was very tall, and wearing nothing but a stunning short black cocktail dress and a pair of black high heel shoes. I gazed at the long, flowing blonde hair and the smooth creamy skin of those long, long legs as she walked.

Then this mystery girl reached the bar and turned round - and instantly I recognised the girl I had been staring at. It was Ana from the casting! She hadn't changed - she was still stunningly beautiful - just perhaps very slightly slimmer - a sure-fire sign that she had been successful in her attempts to get into modelling.

She picked up a drink from the bar and headed back across the bar towards me. I couldn't take my eyes of that incredible face and those long legs as she walked past. I turned in my seat so I could follow her with my eyes - and then it happened.

She had returned to a table where a small group were sat having a drink - two Black girls, three Black Kings - and Ana. She sat down next to one of the Black Kings and the two of them kissed on the lips.

The Black King in question was a very tall, very dark skinned, muscular guy wearing very expensive designer clothes. He must have been around 6 foot 4 and he looked like a model. He had long dreadlocked hair and he was wearing designer sunglasses - I thought he looked like he was in his late 30s maybe early 40s.

Ana took her seat and this guy put his arm around her. The animated conversation of their group continued while I sat and watched, once again realising why I love London so much!

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