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goddess worshipper Oct 01, 2023

Having lived in London for 15 years, I think I can safely say that I have been to every club worth going to - but the ones I most enjoy as a goddess worshipper are the elite clubs with the VIP areas and the hip hop R'n'B vibes.

Quite simply, these are the domains of the Black Kings and they are always teeming with stunning, tall, model-esque white girls. If you're visiting London I can give you a list. It's quite something to behold and highly likely to scramble a cuckboi's brain!

The culture of these clubs is different from what went before. As a white guy, it can be a bit intimidating when you first set foot inside them. I remember when I first moved to London and had started dating a beautiful PR girl called Jo, she took me to one of these clubs to meet up with her friends (I tell the full story earlier on this blog) and I just couldn't believe how amazing the girls were; I found it almost impossible to relax and just enjoy the environment. In fact, I was so overwhelmed, had to leave.

The whole vibe in these clubs is for the white girls to look as hot as they can, encouraged by their Black male partners - with perfect long hair, very short skirts and expensive make-up. You just know any one of these goddess girls would be the night of the century - if only you could afford her!

In London, the well-connected Black King, and the stunning “Essex” girl, are the height of sexual vogue. They are accessories to each other - the Black Kings want the stunning white girl on their arm - and the white girls all want the big Black guy who can get them in to all the best and most exclusive London nightclubs.

The girls are confident with their sexuality, and not in any way false or embarrassed about their attractions as previous generations of white women may have been. The girls think “I’m stunning and I love sex, so I’m going out to get the ultimate fuck, and the ultimate fuck is a Black guy”.

For the Black guys, it’s a way of demonstrating their status - and that they're the ones now in charge. And they are getting the most sexually desirable women in society.

I was in a new club in Farringdon on Friday night, watching some amazing girls – mesmerised by the perfect exposed flat stomachs, navel piercings, big boobs, perfect hair and long, waxed legs. They were all really insular in a huddle, until a group of Black Kings entered … Then they were straight into the middle of the dance floor, preening and showing off. 

The weekend before, I was in Brixton with some friends and it struck me what a diverse, multi-ethnic part of London it is and what an exciting and thrilling atmosphere it has as a result.

There is a very large Black African / Caribbean community in Brixton that mostly creates the exciting atmosphere I refer to - and mixed within it there is a smaller largely professional white community. As a result, Brixton is a place where the interracial scene is thriving and very obvious everywhere you look.

As I walked around Brixton I was lucky enough to see quite a few interracial couples either in the bars or walking along together and by far the vast majority consisted of a Black male with a white female. Then later when I joined my friends in a bar just outside the market our table was opposite a table of three interracial couples in their mid-twenties. All four of the girls were white, very attractive, high quality girls and the guys were all Black and gave off a strong, proud, natural confidence.

As I watched them and thought about the couples I had seen earlier, I realised something: that Black men have the natural ability to bring to the surface the latent sexuality of white women to a degree that the majority of white guys just aren't able to do.

There is an inherent attraction of opposites between Black men and white women - and the strength and confidence of Black Kings, the directness of their approach, and their focus on the sexual, either implicit or explicit, is a perfect compliment to the natural femininity and social reserve of white women.

The above is my theory and you might not agree, but observing how white women who are with Black men look and behave, compared to white women who date white guys, backs my theory 100%.

They look more sexual and more sexually attuned. They dress more sexily, often more overtly and often revealing more. Whether this is because they are encouraged to by their Black male partners - or because they adopt it as a result of being with a Black King - I don't know - but I am convinced my theory is correct.

All of the white girls I saw who were with Black Kings had a glow about them - a "look" - of heightened sexuality. The clothes tell the story: the tops are tighter or more revealing, the skirts or shorts are smaller, the heels are higher. They look free and uninhibited. Like they don't give a fuck what people think. And when I look at the same-ethnicity couples, I do not see the same degree of electric connection.

I'm no expert and I can only speak about how things seem to me. If my thoughts seem wrong to you or worse, if they offend you, then I'm sorry but they're my thoughts and while we still have free speech I'm going to set them down on this blog. 

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