A short story: rollerblading on the boardwalk

goddess worshipper Sep 24, 2023

Katie had always been accustomed to the occasional stranger recognizing her whenever she rollerblades along the vibrant boardwalks of Venice Beach.

Her career as a model had granted her some level of fame, although she wasn't widely recognized like some of her peers.

This Saturday afternoon, the sun shines as she glides gracefully along the boardwalk, the rhythmic motion of her rollerblades accompanied by the soothing sound of ocean waves crashing nearby.

Katie's tiny, light orange, one-piece swimsuit clings to her, displaying her beautiful body. She is so at ease in her own self that she simply accepts the adoring looks and smiles happily.  

Her blonde hair cascades behind her like a golden waterfall. She is lost in her thoughts, enjoying the warmth of the sun on her skin and the gentle sea breeze rustling through her hair.

As she skates along, her eyes catch sight of a tall, muscular Black man walking towards her, with the darkest of skin tones and long, elegant dreadlocks. He radiates energy, like an ancient King. 

He stands there, like a statue of strength and serenity, soaking in the beach atmosphere. Their paths converge, and he looks at her with a warmth that makes her heart literally skip a beat.

"Oh my, you are just perfect!" he exclaims, beaming a smile that radiates confidence and admiration.

Katie's rollerblades continue to carry her forward, but her thoughts are left trailing behind.

The unexpected compliment takes her by surprise, momentarily causing her to hesitate. Yet, something about his sincerity and the genuine warmth in his eyes make her look back over her shoulder and smile.

He is still standing there, his smile unwavering. "Perfect 10, girl!" he exclaims.

Their eyes meet, and Katie can't help but laugh. It is a smile of gratitude for the unexpected compliment, a connection made in a fleeting moment on the sun-kissed boardwalk of Venice Beach.

The world continued to move around them as Katie skates away, but that brief encounter leaves an indelible mark on her day. It's a reminder that even in the hustle and bustle of life, genuine moments of connection and appreciation can be found in the most unexpected places.

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