A short story: lessons from an old book

Sep 24, 2023

Emily stands alone in the air bnb home she's staying in, on a quiet Sunday afternoon. The sun streams through the windows, casting a warm glow that bathes her in soft light.

She wears delicate white lingerie, as she always does when she's home alone, her blonde hair cascading gently down her shoulders as she stands by the bookcase, a book in her hands.

The book is old, its pages yellowed with age, its cover worn from countless readings. It's a history of slavery, a somber account of the men who had been taken from Africa and brought to America to be slaves, and a beautiful love story that evolved between one of these slaves and a young American woman who fought to free him. 

As Emily delves into the pages of the book, she can't help but feel a deep sense of shock and sorrow wash over her. The stories reach out to her across the centuries. She reads about the strength of these men, the resilience, and the enduring spirit that had allowed them to survive the most harrowing of circumstances.

Closing the book gently, she sets it back on the bookshelf and takes a moment to reflect. The stark contrast between her comfortable life as a white girl in 2023, and the horrors of the past, weigh heavily on her mind. She vows to honor the memory of those who had suffered by advocating for justice and equality in her own time.


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