7 fun ways to cuck your man

advice for cucks & cuckolding 101 Apr 10, 2022

This post was originally published in ASN Magazine.

For most people when they think of the word cuckolding they think about a husband watching his wife fuck another man, and while it is true that it can involve watching, there’s actually so much more to cuckolding than just that.

I once wrote a blog post called “17 Ways to Cuck Your Man” and it ended up being the most popular post for many years. Recently I wanted to revisit that list for a podcast episode and I realized that back then I was solely focusing on the sexual act part of cuckolding and since then I’ve come to appreciate the simple teasing that’s part of everyday life together that’s possibly even more fun that the ‘fucking other guys’ part. 

A cuck husband or partner loves the idea of you fucking another man - that incredible mix of emotions that are both uncomfortable and yet strangely enjoyable is what I call cuck angst and it’s what makes cucks so beautifully unique. They can turn harmful and potentially damaging emotions of jealousy and defeat into something wonderfully erotic and positive. And you can play with those emotions and enjoy seeing him react in a way which in turn brings you closer together. It’s a game you play in which the woman has the ability to manipulate a seemingly regular everyday moment into a moment in which he feels that instant rush of angst, love, and adoration. She gets to watch him melt in front of her. It’s beautiful and so much fun! 

Here are some simple ways that women can tease their partner in a fun and loving way:


  1. Flirt with other men. This can be in front of him while you are out in a bar or at the gym and tell him about it when you get home. He will be watching you in awe and have that intense cuck angst all at the same time.
  2. Send him screenshots of you flirting with other men over text, or better yet sexting with other men. He will love reading how you interact with him and his mind will be filled with visions of you acting out the script with this other guy. Trust me this will totally get him into a frenzy!
  3. Talk about other men. Perhaps you casually mention the hot and hung one night stand you had in college that was so unforgettable or tell him how hot the barista was at the cafe this morning, or the hot personal trainer at the gym. Or if you’re watching a movie together, just softly whisper to him “mmm I’d love to fuck him” and just go back to watching the movie. This little comment will both catch him off guard and simultaneously drive him wild with excitement!
  4. Tell him about a sexy dream you had that featured another man. Make sure you go into all the juicy sexy details and highlight any of the differences (physical or performance-wise) between him and your husband. He will literally hang on every word and revel in your enthusiastic storytelling.
  5. Let him catch you looking at and admiring other men. When you’re out together make sure you glance over at any attractive men, glance back over to your husband and make sure he caught it. No words need to be spoken but he knows what just went through your mind and knows that you meant him to see it in your eyes. He will LOVE that moment!
  6. Catch him off guard and make him mentally stumble for a second. This is quite possibly my favorite part of this teasing game. There is something so thrilling to be able to say or do something so unexpected that it just brings him to his knees, he struggles for the words, and you can see it in his eyes that he is beyond turned on. It’s almost an artform really. What I mean is, when you are talking about something benign and you slip in a little comment that stops him in his tracks. It could be something about a sexual fantasy or memory of a time with another man…anything like that really. The best story I heard was when a couple was talking about cuckolding fantasies before sex and then during sex, out of nowhere, she says another man’s name. It was so unexpected and yet so incredibly hot that her partner said it was the best sex they ever had. I don’t think he will ever forget that!
  7. Buy a sexy new lingerie set and when you bring it home, watch how excited your husband gets. Just smile and tell him “It’s not for you sweetheart” and immediately have that rush of cuck angst and adoration for you. His mind will be spinning with images of you with another man and wearing that sexy new lingerie.


The list really does go on and on but I think you get the idea. All it takes is a little imagination and creativity and this teasing game can be some of the sexiest fun you and your partner can have. And when we think about the struggles so many couples have with keeping that sexual spark hot as time goes by, these are some easy ways to dial it up a few notches and all the while help you feel loved and connected in the special way that loving cuckolding relationships can. 

Cuckolding is love.

Venus xo

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