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Here you can find a list of my favourite resources for people who want to learn, grow, and explore in this lifestyle. Enjoy! 

Venus xo


Venus Connections - matchmaking for loving cuckolding relationships. Learn more at


Spades Magazine and The Queen of Spades Confessions

Lifestylers Magazine

ASN Magazine



Full Swap Radio - Venus is on every Tuesday




Casual Toys -

Cuckolding-Friendly Counselors and Therapists

Ask Questions and get Advice

Crystal Welch - "With 20 years of practical experience with Consensual non-monogamy, from cuckolding, polyamory, open, or swinging, l get inundated with questions. In an attempt to give each person the personal attention they desire, here is an opportunity. Most people have many questions about how to start, how to talk to a partner, how to solve problems and how to create the intimacy you desire. Married 8 years (very happily) with my Cuckold husband in
Portland, OR"

Confident Cuck - his Patreon supporters are able to ask questions and get advice. "Confident Cuck is working to bring you the best conversations and the most detail about the cuckolding lifestyle.
Supporting the Patreon supports the podcast and blog as well as provides access to cuckolding advice weekly from the Confident Cuck himself. "

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